Rooftop Units


Omni Core Packaged

Capacity: 3-12.5 Tons

TempMaster® Omni™ Core Rooftop Units are your go-to product to economically meet building codes for first-cost-conscious customers.

  • A/C and heat pump units in downflow and horizontal airflow configuration

  • Standard-efficiency models (14.1 SEER/14.8 IEER)

  • High-efficiency models (15.4 SEER/16.3 IEER)


Omni Pro 

Capacity: 3-12.5 Tons

TempMaster® Omni™ Pro Rooftop Units are service-friendly and life-cycle cost optimized, with the most complete range of features and options in this tonnage size.

  • A/C and heat pump models in convertible airflow configuration

  • Standard (up to 12.2 EER/14.8 IEER), high (up to 12.2 EER/15.2 IEER) and ultra-high efficiency models (up to 14.0 EER/ 21.2 IEER)


Omni Choice

Capacity: 15-27.5 Tons

TempMaster® Omni™ Choice Rooftop Units lead the industry with the most economical comfort cooling in the 15-27.5 ton range.

  • A/C downflow models

  • Standard-efficiency models (up to 11.1 EER/14.8 IEER)

  • Constant volume, IntelliSpeed™ single-zone VAV and VAV airflow options


Omni Select

Capacity: 27.5-50 Tons

TempMaster® Omni™ Select Rooftop Units provide class-leading performance without compromise, all in a cost-effective package.

  • Surpasses DOE 2018 guidelines by up to 39% and exceeds DOE 2023 part-load standards by as much as 22%

  • Up to 11.1 EER/13.3-16.0 IEER

  • Multiple airflow strategies


Rooftop Units


Omni Premier

Capacity: 25-80 Tons

TempMaster® Omni™ Premier Rooftop Units offer the flexibility of applied equipment with the first-cost value of rooftop units.

  • A/C models with high capacity and multiple airflow options (downflow, horizontal, multidirectional supply and return airflow paths)

  • Standard-efficiency models (Up to 10.9 EER/15.8 IEER)

  • High-efficiency models (Up to 11.4 EER/16.9 IEER)


Omni Elite

capacity: 50-150 Tons

Featuring high-efficiency scroll compressors, TempMaster® Omni™ Elite Packaged Rooftop Units deliver superior energy performance and greater comfort for less.

  • A/C with modulating hot gas reheat (HGRH) options

  • Standard 11.5 EER/14.0 IEER efficiency models

  • Microchannel aluminum tubing and aluminum fins for durability and long-lasting, efficient operation


Omni Core 100

Capacity: 3-6 Ton

TempMaster® OmniCore™ 100 Packaged Rooftop Units deliver simplicity and performance that give you an advantage on 3-6 ton projects.

  • A/C and heat pump models in convertible airflow configurations

  • Standard-efficiency models up to 14.0 SEER/14.2 IEER and 8.0 HSPF

  • Scroll compressors


Omni Plus

Capacity: 15-25 Tons

TempMaster® Omni™ Plus ultra-high-efficiency packaged rooftop units deliver improved efficiency with intelligent control and operational flexibility.

  • A/C and heat pump models in convertible airflow configurations

  • Standard (up to 11.2 EER/13.2 IEER), high (12.2 EER/14.2 IEER) and ultra-high (up to 12.2/18.0 IEER) models available

  • Scroll compressors