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Ward Mechanical Equipment offers complete factory Start-Up, Service, and Emergency Service on all our applied equipment. We have an in-house service department as well as the York/Johnson Controls National Service Organization. We are a dedicated service center for LG, York by Johnston Controls, Greenheck, Yaskawa, Distech, Facility Explorer, and Phoenix Controls.

Service Dispatch: 

Service Coordinator: Pamela Allen 

P: (601) 956-3002 


Emergency Contact Information:


hvac maintenance

  • Inspecting & Testing HVAC/R Components & Systems

  • Checking that HVAC/R System Controls Work Correctly

  • Cleaning or Changing Air Filters

  • Inspecting & Unclogging Condensate Drains

  • Tightening Electrical & Fuel Connections in Heating Units

  • Checking that HVAC/R System Controls Work Correctly

  • Lubricating Motors & Other Moving Parts

  • Checking & Adjusting A/C Refrigerant Levels

  • Cleaning A/C Condenser & Evaporator Coils

hvac repair

  • Inspecting & Testing HVAC/R Components & Systems

  • Troubleshooting System Problems

  • Testing Lines, Components, & Connections for Refrigerant Leaks

  • Discussing Equipment Problems with Customers

  • Taking HVAC/R Systems Apart

  • Using Mechanical, Pneumatic & Electrical Testing Equipment

  • Repairing Old Components or Wiring

  • Replacing Malfunctioning Parts

  • Reassembling Repaired Systems

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