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Double Deflection Round Grille_rhv_color_zoom.jpg


Product Summary: Aluminum SpotDiffusers, TurboNozzles, Round Grilles, Dryer Vents, Vent Caps, Residential Ceiling MINI Diffusers, Volume Adjustable Grilles, & More. 

SEIHO International, Inc. is a manufacturer of contemporary designs of Diffusers, Nozzles, Grilles and Registers, such as aluminum SpotDiffusers, aluminum TurboNozzle diffusers, double deflection RoundRegisters and aluminum / stainless steel VentLouvers.

Our products are manufactured in state of the art production facilities in Los Angeles, U.S.A. and Tokyo, Japan. Our superior products with its unique design, refined finish and durability have been used for many different applications in both residential and commercial buildings, and we have been enjoying an excellent reputation with our customers. In fact, our products have been specified for many prestigious projects including government buildings, up scale retail stores, airports, convention centers, and military facilities.

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