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Product Summary: information Management System, Sensor Suite, Air Data Router, OSC Structured Cable, MicroDuct Tubing, OT Tubing, Room Probes, Architectural Wall Probe, Duct Probes & More. 

Aircuity reliably reduces energy use by 40-60% in labs and by 15-30% in other variable population buildings such as: office buildings, classrooms, libraries, casinos and arenas. Energy savings are further enhanced by Aircuity’s exhaust fan and economizer applications. In many cases, Aircuity is the highest energy conservation measure.

90% of our time is spent indoors where the air often contains 4-10x the pollutants of outdoor air. The COGfx Studies* show that a green building can have a significant impact on occupants’ productivity and cognitive performance. Optimizing ventilation is a good move for your health and helps drive your core business outcomes.

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