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Product Summary: High-Efficiency Direct Drive AHU's, Critical  Environment AHU's, Vertical Premium AHU's, Rooftop AHU's, Modular AHU's, Horizontal and Vertical AHU's, Vertical and Horizontal Fan Coil Units, Floor Mounted Fan Coil Units, & More. 

Combine AHU-grade coil and filter selections with direct drive fan technology for solutions that work for more facilities. We offer a wide variety of hydronic, DX and steam coils, single and double-wall cabinet options. Pair with 2” or 4” filters (field-changeable) to allow a fine-tuned selection to closely match the unit performance and cost to the application. 

Direct drive ECM fans start and stop with a ramp-up, reducing start-up sounds, and can be tuned at just the right speed to reduce noise levels. Without belt losses, they are 5% or more efficient than belt drive systems.

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