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Spiral Ductwork: Duct Spiral Bellmouth Tap: DSFT

•    A complete line of self sealing spiral duct and fittings
•    Factory installed gasket - no loose parts
•    Fast and easy installation
•    Adjustability - fittings can be rotated 360 during installation and still maintain the seal’s integrity
•    Environmentally friendly, no harmful sealants required.
•    Rolled over edges for easier installation, reduces risk of injury and adds strength
•    Can be installed in all weather conditions
•    Performance rated from -20°F to +212°F
•    Triple lipped gasket minimizes the risk of leakage in the event of damage
•    Manufactured to publish tolerance standard

Duct Spiral Bellmouth Tap_DSFT

PriceFrom $9.50
Excluding Sales Tax
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