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Distech Controls - ECB 203 DDC Controller 


For roof top, four pipe fan coil, chilled ceiling, heat pump, unit ventilator, and small AHU systems

  • 6 universal inputs
  • 5 digital outputs (TRIAC)
  • 3 universal outputs
  • 15 VDC power supply to power 4-20mA transducers such as duct static pressure, etc.
  • 1 calendar, 2 schedule, 8 loop (PID), and over 200 BACnet objects
  • Some models available with environmental protection
  • ECB-253 includes live graphics color display (integrated LCD operator interface)
  • Support up to 4 Allure series communicating sensors
  • Open-to-Wireless™ Solution: support of up to 18 wireless battery-less inputs

ECB 203 DDC Controller - Distech Controls

Excluding Sales Tax
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