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Designed to control rooftop units and small air handling units, as well as heat pumps, fan coils and chilled beam applications, features a diversified I/O count in a compact design and footprint for easy in-cabinet installation.

  • All-in-one controller, combining power supply, server, and a diversified I/O count
    • 8 universal inputs
    • 4 x 24VAC triac digital outputs
    • 2 universal outputs
    • 2 field configurable outputs (24VAC triac digital or universal)
  • Configure pre-loaded applications with embedded ENVYSION or with an Allure™ EC-Smart-Vue communicating sensor, or fully customize with EC-gfxProgram
  • Integrated fail-safe feature allowing for increased redundancy and reliability in your IP-wired daisy chain: in case of power failure to one controller, communication data is still relayed to the following controller on the daisy-chain
  • Operating temperature range suited for installation in outdoor equipment
  • Supports the Smart Room Control solution, for a unified, end-to-end solution for the control of HVAC, lighting, and shades/sunblind

ECY-303 with MODBUS - Distech Controls

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