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Greenheck: Roof Exhaust Direct Drive - G


Centrifugal Roof Exhaust Fan: Model G 

  • Centrifugal wheel provides high-efficiency and minimal sound
  • True vibration isolation supports the motor and wheel for long life and quiet operation
  • One-piece aluminum curb cap provides a weather-tight fit
  • Positive motor cooling with fresh air results in maximum motor life
  • Galvanized birdscreen protects the fan discharge from birds and small objects


Roof Exhaust Direct Drive - Model G

PriceFrom $400.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Model G, direct drive centrifugal roof exhaust fans provide the industry's best performance and durability for general clean air applications where air is discharged downward, toward the roof. Units feature the most advanced motor cooling of any fan in its class. Ideal for new installations or for retrofit, replacement applications. Curb adapters and reducers available to eliminate the need to field fabricate transitions when there is an existing roof curb.

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